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Papers On More Philosophers & Philosophies
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George Berkeley and David Hume - Similarities and Differences
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This 5 page report discusses the philosophies of George Berkeley (1685-1753) and David Hume (1711-1176) and compares their similarities and differences. Both held unique and views on the actual existence of any given item and the relationship of the thing to the person who perceives it.
Filename: Berkhm.wps

The Dialogues Of George Berkeley
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The Three dialogues between Hylas and Philonous was written in 1713 and follows the example of Socratic dialogue to present the basic tenets of George Berkeley's philosophical stand. This 7 page paper explores and examines the dialogue and Berkeley's beliefs based on immaterialism. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: KTberdia.wps

How Francis Bacon Influenced Thomas Hobbes
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A 7 page paper that discusses the impact that Francis Bacon had on the development of writings by Thomas Hobbes. Though Hobbes has denied, by omission, any correlation between the development of his philosophical theories and the year he spent in the employee of Francis Bacon, critics and philosophical scholars alike have compared their similarities and commented that the relationship between these two men must have been the springboard for Hobbes focal transformation from classical literature to social philosophy.
Filename: Hobbacon.wps

Descartes and Sartre/Differences in Philosophy
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A 2 page research paper that compares and contrasts the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre with that of Rene Descartes. In so doing, the writer basically looks at the differences between the Enlightenment and the postmodern era. Bibliography lists 2 sources. 90sar&des.wps
Filename: 90sardes.rtf

Jean Paul Sartre -- Critique of Reasoning On Being & Consciousness
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A 10 page essay on Sartre's theories concerning the structure of being and the nature of consciousness. The writer analyzes and critiques Sartre's philosophy providing a number of insightful examples in this well-reasoned essay. No Bibliography.
Filename: Sartre.wps

Jean-Paul Sartre's 'Being and Nothingness'
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3 pages in length. Describes Sartre's views on freedom, and discusses whether he places too much emphasis on freedom. Is Sartre right in saying 'I am total freedom' ? Read this paper to find out. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: JGAbeing.wps

Enlightenment, Romantic, and Existentialist Thinking and Its Impact on Contemporary Views
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This 5 page report discusses the characteristics of the Enlightenment, Romantic, and Existentialist schools of thought and the ways in which such characteristics have shaped contemporary views of human nature. Without these “movements,” the Eurocentric world, including the United States would believe a significantly different set of premises regarding human nature and Western philosophies would certainly be changed. Philosophers after the periods -- Marx, Sartre, Holmstrom -- are also discussed. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: BWenroex.wps

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