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Papers On Recreational Sports, Sports Medicine & Athletic Fitness
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Hamstring Injury in Women
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A 6 page paper discussing this too-common injury. As more women become involved in competitive sports involving sprinting, they also suffer a higher percentage of hamstring injury. Soccer players are highly susceptible to hamstring injury because of the nature of the movements required in the sport, but any sport involving sprinting can be suspect. The purpose here is to review what hamstring injury is, how it is treated and special implications for women athletes. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: KSmedHamstringWom.rtf

How to Become a Better Golfer
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There are many rules to playing golf, but success, as many pros will say, comes from technique, and integrating techniques. The following are just a few. Tips include those from Pat Davis on putting, and long shot tips on sand wedge, driving properly, and pitching the green. Bibliography lists 9 sources. jvGolf.rtf
Filename: jvGolf.rtf

Improving the Serve
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A 5 page paper discussing what parts of anatomy and what actions need to be addressed in achieving improved performance in the service of a volleyball, which is more straightforward than achieving improvement in other areas. Conditions always are consistent in terms of distance to send the ball, where to send the ball and the motions involved in accomplishing a successful serve. Improvements in the results of the serve therefore can focus on the server’s approach to the ball and the level of strength s/he includes in making contact with the ball to initiate its movement. The server soon will determine what level of force applied will result in placing the ball in the desired area of the opposing team’s court without traveling out of bounds. Once these principles are defined in action, ultimate improvement in performance rests on the repetition of practice. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: KSvolleyball.rtf

In Favor of Promoting Community Sport
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A 3 page campaign speech for an individual seeking a position from which s/he can develop community sport. The speaker reviews growing rates of obesity, diabetes and coronary artery disease as public health problems of the electronic age, and the problem of boredom and isolation that many teens and children deal with on a daily basis. Healthy people create healthy, vibrant, active and involved communities, which in turn positively affect the lives of all within them. While sport cannot be seen as a magic cure for all of the world’s ills, it certainly can provide a measure of health and happiness in the communities that value and support it. No source listed.
Filename: KSsprtBeneSpch.rtf

Injuries Common to Female Basketball Players
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This 12 page paper considers injuries that are common to female basketball players and outlines the biological reasons that these injuries occur relative to the types of movements involved in basketball. This paper considers the physical structures of the human body as they relate to performance in basketball and the propensity for certain injuries in female players. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: MHbaskin.wps

Intramural Sports: The Positives and Negatives
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An 11 page overview of the impacts of intramural sports. Overall intramural sports can offer a tremendously positive influence to a student’s college experience. Participation in intramural sports, results not only in bettered physical condition but also instills a sense of belonging. There are some negative factors associated with intramural sports as well, however. Two of the most prominent of these are the association of the desire to win with violence and the question of who should fund intramural sports programs. This paper emphasizes that with appropriate design and management, however, even these factors can be overcome. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
Filename: PPsprtCl.wps

Investing in a New Fitness Club -- Finding the Investors
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This 6 page report discusses the simple fact that the business ventures that prove to be the most successful are those with the best investors. When the combination of an entrepreneur with a particular vision is backed by the strength of a financial partner who has confidence in the venture, an important aspect of the overall business effort is satisfied. This is true in businesses ranging from restaurants to manufacturing. This report considers some of the ways investors can and should be attracted to efforts to open a health and fitness club. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: BWinvfit.rtf

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